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The wind has risen over the land... a day to make the Kite fly! Ever wanted to learn to fly a kite but you couldn't? "Kite" presents to you the very first genuine childhood experience of flying a virtual kite in a dynamic environment.

Deer Jump

There is a beautiful flowing river in the forest. The group of Deer wish to cross the flowing river. Help those Deer’s to cross the river with the use of floating Wood plank. Each crossing of White Deer gives you double score but be careful, don't help wolf to cross the flowing river.


Mr. Walk Stuck on spinning circle, but not to make balance again speed and scale of circle. Let's help him out.. So keep tapping and keep walking and score as much as you can.

Color Panic

This game challenges your speed on the smartphone screen and pushes you to deploy guessing tactics to spot the missing color. After every attempt when you gather your wits, the difficulty level intensifies, and the game leaves you in a panic situation.